Sunday, November 16, 2008

Justice - A Cross the Universe

I can't believe the phenomenon that has become Justice. In 2005, a girl I once dated always had Justice in her top four myspace friends. I remember upon my initial listening, I gave it maybe twenty seconds and then proceeded to turn that crap off. It was only shortly later that I came upon Justice through mutual musical friendships, and then I clearly saw how special these guys were. I remember the inception, for myself, for my friends, and to those strange people (namely DJs at local indie nights that HATED Justice ;) :) ;) ) that just didn't get it, and it's amazing to think where they are now. Justice is in a totally different environment today, with a successful maverick album under their belt. My favorite and only next question begs: What will the following album sound like, seeing the time of the Banger is fading out, if not altogether taken upon a different dynamic? This is an exciting question.

Watch this video and read the following article related on Justice. Apparently, the whole world will, now, undoubtedly turn against them . . .

"Currently on the promo trail for their new live DVD/album A Cross The Universe, French electro fiends Justice have made a rather frank – and quite possibly costly – admission in an interview with MTV… They didn’t clear all the samples included on their 2007 debut album †! “If you listen to Genesis, the first track [on †, there are samples of Slipknot, Queen and 50 Cent,” Xavier de Rosnay asserted boldly. “But they are such short samples no one can recognise them. The ones from Slipknot, for example, are just tiny bits of the voice.”

Of course it’s no shock to hear a dance artist would choose to sample another musical act, the entire scene is built on the process of appropriating other people’s music. However it is strange that de Rosnay decided to reveal the exact source of their errant audio snippets, with fellow producers having been sued for copyright infringement for much less. “Sometimes we do also use big samples. On the album, we used three big samples that we had to clear, and all the rest are just impossible to recognise.”

Justice - D.A.N.C.E. 2.0 LIVE ;) ;) ;)

Justice - Two Minutes to Midnight (Live)


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