Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Jackson Fourgeaud

To every story, there is the wizard, the wise man, the magician. Always kept on the shelf for certain measures, little does he talk, but when he does . . .

Jackson Fourgeaud, or more popularly known as Jackson and His Computer Band, in this cess pool of right-now's banger-crap, is one that stands out, noticeably. One-of-a-kind, sure, but I don't want to hear that again. It sounds too far away to be true, but I originally heard my first Jackson remix five years ago. This was the period of the failed record label GOOOM. From GOOOM, the remaining survivors today are TEPR, Yelle's current tour drummer, and M83, who got played out real hard once PitchForkMedia gizzed all over Anthony Gonzalez's most recent EMO album. But that's beside the point. "Run Into Flowers" was the single remixed by Jackson as the "Midnight Fuck Remix." And there happened, I think, a great schism. There was such a new sound brought to the table, namely those super compressed snare drums all to reminiscent of the snare drum King, Mr. Oizo. Jackson Fourgeaud has been an inspiration and influence to virtually every member on Ed Banger family, but that's no big deal. C'mon -- it's Warp Records. They kinda know what they're doing.

Enough of my silly poetics; Jackson is a much more charming man than I am as he speaks about music, remixes, and influences. We wont mention his production horizon. Let's all hope he's working on new material.

M83 - Run Into Flowers - Midnight Fuck Remix (ALT)

Panico - Illumination - Jackson Remix (ALT)

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splatteredpaint said...

I didn't realize Gooom was dormant, but you gotta pay some respect. We were crazy about them sophomore year.