Thursday, November 20, 2008

Willow II : 2010


Just Kidding about the Willow II thing. That was a leaked mistake.

We can't help it. Shazam is putting out quality material left and right. We know how much Discodust and MassHyperbole are fans of Shazam, and we here have nothing less to say of him than that we love him as much. How old is he, 15? Will this turn into another Mary Kate and Ashley Olson millionaire baby-gone-bad story? His sound is definitely fitting in really well, from super unpolished tracks with his first Sweaty remix by Muscles, which we wrote about here, to polished production, round basses we all better know as House Music that can be noticed in this remix. What's Next? Shazam will soon remix Sneaky Sound System, and you guessed it, Empire of the Sun. I caught this on Discobelle the other day (Ohhcrapp-- it's not Disocbelle ;) Enjoi.

Tough Alliance - Neo Violence - Shazam Remix (ALT)

In other news, check out a potential TOP TEN ARTIST OF THE YEAR, Empire of the Sun. They have a new trailer for the "We Are The People" music video shot in Mexico. Reminds me of that Jennifer Lopez movie, minus Jennifer Lopez, plus Empire of the Sun.

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bad-ass remix